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Calgary Flight Training Centre located at the Olds-Didsbury Airport in Alberta, Canada. Our pilot courses are based on Transport Canada requirements. We provide training for professional pilots and enthusiasts alike. Whether you want to become a weekend warrior or a professional pilot, Calgary Flight Training Centre offers many programs to suit your individual needs.

Our flight school is pleased to offer a fleet of new trainers with G500 Glass Cockpit trainers operated by qualified instructors.

How Will the US Solve Its Pilot Shortage?

Pilots are in high demand, but that may mean a troubling future for the aviation industry.

Boeing predicts that 36,770 planes will be needed worldwide over the next 20 years — 13,460 in Asia, and 7,550 in North America alone. With an estimated 10 pilots being hired per plane, Boeing sees the industry needing 533,000 new pilots by 2033 — 216,000 in Asia, and 88,000 in North America.

Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook

Burgeoning demand for higly trained personel.

As global economies expand and airlines take delivery of tens of thousands of new commercial jetliners over the next 20 years, the demand for personnel to fly and maintain those airplanes will be unprecedented.

Gift Certificates Policy

The School is under new ownership and management and can not accept any gift certificate purchased for discovery flights before Aug 31 2010.

For those who purchased gift certificates, please call the office to direct you to the right contact person who you purchased the gift ceritifcates from.

Why Calgary Flight
Training Centre?

A lot less taxi time, no delay Brand New Planes and Simulators Top Qualified Instructors

Spring session
of Private Pilot License Ground School

For all interested future pilots and those needing a brush up, The Calgary Flight Training Centre hold the winter session.

CFTC has updated a fleet
with twin-engined aircraft

The Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche is an American twin-engined cabin monoplane designed and built by Piper Aircraft.

We moved to Olds-Didsbury Airport

We are now operating from Olds-Didsbury Airport, HANGAR 15

We are located Olds-Didsbury next to Alberta Highway 2A — approximately the half-way point between the cities of Calgary and Red Deer.

Flight simulator is a high-quality, feature-rich motion AATD

CFTC provides ground instruments flight training on a Red Bird limited motion simulator recently acquired with the Twin Seminole platform. It will allow the candidate all the possible approaches available in Canada.

with Glass Garmin 1000

The Diamond DA40 XLS is CFTC’s premium rental aircraft. It is equipped with all of the bells and whistles including Garmin’s G1000 «glass cockpit», full autopilot, traffic awareness, XM weather, and XM radio.

Glass Cockpit G1000
with Synthetic Vision

Glass Cockpit technology is the future of aviation. Here at CFTC we are pleased to off Garmin glass cockpits in all of our primary training aircraft. The G1000 is said to be the most modern and advanced avionics system available for light aircraft.

Safety by design in Canada

Doesn’t government of Canada ensure all planes are safe? It turns out some are safer than others.

Diamond aircraft design aims to minimize the risk of accident and to reduce the chance to injury of occupants.

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